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Blog Posts in 2010

Thanks to all who attended our Myokinematic Restoration course in Portland, ME this past month. The course was a big success judging by the post evaluations! Due to high request, we will be offering Postural Respiration on November 13-14 rather than the previously planned Impingement & Instability course. Therefore, if you were planning to attend Impingement & Instability you might consider the upcoming course in Lebanon, NH. Ron is scheduled to teach this course in Lebanon on April 24-25 and will not be returning to the Northeast again until 2011. Mention this blog post to receive the early registration rate.

Posted April 5, 2010 at 11:46AM

Check out Lori Thomsen’s first video in a 3 part series that discusses activity to perform in the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane.  In this video, Lori goes over the importance of squatting before and after running.  For those of you that don’t know Lori, she is an avid runner herself.  She is very passionate about the sport of running and making sure runner’s remain injury free.  Lori will be a speaker during the Foot Integration course scheduled for April 14th.  She will be presenting on the “Selection of Proper Footwear”.  Take a look at her video HERE!

Posted March 31, 2010 at 10:40AM

Preparations for the upcoming Interdisciplinary Integration course are well underway. I interrupted Ron’s busy day to get his thoughts on how it’s going and what he is most excited about…

Foot Integration – Wednesday April 14th
It’s the first time that three health professionals with different backgrounds and perspectives will come together to discuss myokinematics of the active human foot; its pattern, perception and position.
For the first time we’ll look at…
1. right foot qualities and personality vs. left foot qualities and personality
2. ascending and descending issues – largely the result of the post course evaluations from last year and Bobbie’s input
3. muscle families reflective of Left AIC, Right BC, and R TMCC disposition
4. when you absolutely have to consider orthotics and when you don’t

Dental Integration – Thursday April 15th
It’s the first time a dentist will cover clinical concepts specifically designed for PRI therapists and aligned dentists! Click here to read how this year is different!

Vision-Vestibular-Integration – Friday April 16th
It’s the first time a speaker with years of experience working with PRI trained therapist will take PRI concepts to another level of vision!
I’m really excited after reviewing Dr. Edwards’ outline! This topic excites me more every year as we continue to build concepts of this perceptual issue and the influences of the eye on the neck. Click here to read the revised and soon to be printed outline that will offer attendees a FUN learning experience! It is sure to be a day we will reflect back on in the future.

Rest Integration – Saturday April 17th
It’s the first time we’ve had the opportunity to integrate activity with sleep and rest from a team who understands present and future treatment of the fatigued body using PRI integration!
Springtime brings warmth and new life and for us it also brings a unique opportunity for collaboration with other disciplines exploring PRI integration. For the first time a neuropsychiatrist and PRI trained physical therapist from St. Louis will teach a subject that is routinely discussed by PRC therapists across the country dealing with the need for rest, deceleration, system revival and rest-oration. I’m quite certain this St. Louis team will bring an influential perspective using manual and non-manual techniques and another level of how to relax the system.

There is still time to register! Mention this blog post to receive the early registration rate!

Posted March 31, 2010 at 10:36AM

“Competing with Stress and Aging and Winning” is the seminar Ron Hruska is a part of at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln coming up in May.  Ron will be presenting with several other individuals including Coach John Cook, Dr. Tedd Mitchell, Coach Bo Pelini, Todd Whithorne, Joe Moglia, Coach Tom Osborne, Dr. Larry Widman and Dr. Todd Stull.  This conference will be discussing the effects of aging and stress on middle aged men and how to overcome this process.  Ron Hruska will introduce a “Four Step program to Enhance Diaphragmatic Power”.  The information presented in this seminar will also be disucssed in our Rest Integration course on April 17th. 

Posted March 30, 2010 at 10:42AM

“The Origins of the Left and Right Brain” found in the Scientific American Magazine is a must read!  This article was introduced to us by Joe Belding, LPT, PRC.  This article offers some fascinating information on how the left and right hemispheres have developed in humans and animals.  “The authors have proposed that the specialization of the brain’s two hemispheres was already in place when vertebrates arose 500 million years ago”.  To read more about this article, click here!

Posted March 29, 2010 at 10:45AM

This is the latest book that we have spotted Ron carrying EVERYWHERE with him.  Following the Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration course last weekend in Fargo, North Dakota, Ron purchased this latest book on the Brain.  You can understand why he hasn’t put it down when the first sentence he read was this:

With the Interdisciplinary Integration course fast approaching, this book couldn’t of been released at a better time!  If you are interested in attending this course or would like to learn more about it, CONTACT US!

Posted March 25, 2010 at 10:49AM

Check out Lori Thomsen’s latest video on the importance of hip shifting with gait!  Click HERE!

Posted March 24, 2010 at 10:55AM

QUESTION: Do you know if there have been any changes to the dental presentation or will it be pretty much the same as last year?

ANSWER: This year will be focused on PRI integration more than on dentistry.  Last year I had the presentation geared with a lot of info for dentists thinking we would have more dentists in attendance.  So this year I’m focusing more on what the PT’s can benefit from a dentist and understanding different training of dentists.  Also when to refer and when to wait to refer to a dentist.  We are planning on showing more case studies and hopefully a live evaluation by Ron and myself—possibly with a course participant.  In the case studies I’m asking the PT’s that co-treated to add their comments on treatment.  So my hope is that the course has more practical application for the PT.  Also, that they will be able to know what to look for in a dentist and let them know we will are planning the course in Oct for dentists to learn how to help the PT’s.  Hope this helps. - Dr. Hoefs

Posted March 24, 2010 at 10:51AM

We have moved the course scheduled for May 1-2 in St. Louis, Missouri to Loveland, Colorado!  If you are in the Loveland area, you’ll be happy to know that we will be there presenting Postural Respiration on May 1-2!

Posted March 21, 2010 at 10:56AM

Joyce Wasserman, PT, PRC is traveling through India and introducing Postural Restoration concepts. She has been kind enough to share with us her experiences…

“Since arriving at Christian Medical Center, CMC, I have given nine presentations, a combination of lectures and labs. I am pleased with how both theory and practical aspects of teaching are going. Today’s talk was about myokinematic dilemmas, or what to do, where to look when the basic techniques relating to the pelvis and hips is not enough to get results.

On Saturday, I presented Postural Restoration Institute concepts to about 15 physiatrists, doctors of rehabilitation medicine. People here work six and one-half days a week. By Saturday at 11:30 people are more than ready to go home and relax. The extreme heat doesn’t make it any easier.

Tomorrow I will teach the introductory PRI talk to the students. Some of them had heard about what I was teaching from the therapists, some were working in the electro-therapy unit and have been asking for me to help with their patients. Others had come to me with their pain problems. On subsequent days I will teach them the myokinematic tests. That is all I will be able to do in the few days I have left. For the main staff I have picked out five exercise techniques that they should do to keep the ability to move reciprocally and to reposition throughout the day.

PRI is a radical change from the therapy that is being practiced here. The expression “The crush of humanity” is taken to a whole different level here.  In the gym where both outpatients and in patients receive treatment it is hot, crowded, and noisy .It is not conducive to concentration. The therapists often give an exercise that the patient then does with the help of a family member. The exercises are simple, uniplanar, with no consideration to what muscles are substituting or if there is any control of proximal or distal segments of the body.  Machine treatment with a nod to a simple home exercise seems to be the norm. None the less certain patients who need more hands on care are routinely given to more senior therapists whose job it is to take more time with the patients for exercise or orthopedic PT techniques. It is with these more senior therapists that PRI can take hold.  I am making sure that they are learning as much as they can. Everyone is enthusiastic and pleasant to work with.”

Posted March 17, 2010 at 11:00AM
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