Home Study

We have taken video from the live 15-hour lecture and lab courses including slides, demonstrations, labs, and audience question and answer sessions; and created home study courses which allows you to complete in the comfort of your home or office.

What is a Home Study Course?

A home study course can be completed online from the comfort of your home or office, and at your own pace, over a 3-week time frame. We have taken professional video from the live 15-hour lecture and lab course including Power Point slides, demonstration, lab, and audience question and answer sessions, and compiled it into an online home study course.

The 3 PRI Primary Courses (Myokinematic Restoration, Postural Respiration and Pelvis Restoration) are available as an online home study.

You will have access to the home study content and exam for 3 weeks, and you will need internet access to watch the home study videos online. A digital PDF file of the course manual (approximately 200 pages in length) is also included. You will be able to download and save (or print) the course manual and handouts that accompany the course.

When you sign up for a PRI home study course, we will first need to verify that you are a licensed healthcare or certified fitness professional, and are eligible to complete the course. Once this has been verified, you will be granted access to the online material within a few hours of registering, unless your registration is completed outside of our normal business hours. In that case, you will be granted access to the course on the next business day, once we are able to verify your eligibility to complete the course.

After completing the home study videos, you will need to complete an online post-test and evaluation survey. You must score a 70% or higher on the post-test in order to receive a certificate of completion. Alternate versions of the test are available for re-take if necessary.

*Please note that even though the online home study courses utilize professional video from a live 15-hour live course, due to editing, the online home study may not be 15 hours in length, and therefore CEU hours vary for each primary course home study option. Please see each primary course page for more details on how many hours are awarded for completion of the online home study.

What is the Home Study Advantage Discount?

Feedback from Home Study course participants through the years has provided us insight into the value of viewing a Home Study Primary Course before or after a Live or Live Stream Primary Course attendance. In an effort to further promote successful clinical integration of PRI course concepts, we offer the Home Study Advantage Discount:

1) Half-priced tuition to complete the Online Home Study (if you have attended the same Live Primary Course or Live Stream in the past 12 months).


2) Half-priced tuition to attend the Live Course, or Live Stream (if you have completed the same Online Home Study Primary Course in the past 12 months).

The benefit of twice hearing the information presented, seeing the instructor demonstrate clinical tests and techniques, and participating in person and participating through virtual attendance gives the attendee a clear advantage for learning and grasping concepts in a shorter amount of time and at a deeper level of understanding.