Primary Courses Non-Manual Techniques

The three PRI introductory courses, Myokinematic Restoration, Pelvis Restoration and Postural Respiration have a corresponding Non-Manual Techniques Collection that is organized by muscle, inhibition and integration and placed in an order in which you would want to isolate, inhibit or integrate. Each Collection (CD or digital download) includes the Integration program, which is comprised of more than 300 techniques in nine different positions, the top 10 repositioning techniques for each respective introductory course and the identification of reference centers. Reference centers include the left abdominals, left ischial seat (sit bone), left heel and right arch. These reference centers are identified on the Integration techniques found in the sidelying, short seated, long seated, seated, standing and kneeling positions. Hundreds of hours have been spent on arranging placement of techniques, organizing progression based on neuro-motor demands, writing easy-to-understand instructions, identifying integrated activity, cross-referencing techniques and adding reference centers to help the clinician select appropriate techniques for treatment programs.

Myokinematic Restoration
What's Included:

You must complete the corresponding Myokinematic Restoration course prior to purchasing this product.

Myokinematic Restoration Repositioning
Left Hamstring
Left Ischiocondylar Adductor
Right Gluteus Maximus
Left Gluteus Medius
Left Hip Flexor Inhibition
Left Tensor Fascia Latae Inhibition
Right Adductor Inhibition
Right Quadratus Lumborum
Left Psoas Inhibition
Left Posterior Capsule Inhibition
Right Inferior Gluteus Maximus Inhibition
Plantar Flexor Inhibition

Pelvis Restoration
What's Included:

You must complete the corresponding Pelvis Restoration course prior to purchasing this product.

Pelvis Restoration Repositioning
Right Rectus Femoris and Sartorius
Left Obturator and Iliococcygeus
Left Iliacus
Right Gluteus Maximus
Left Anterior Inlet Inhibition
Right Anterior Outlet Inhibition
Right Posterior Inlet Inhibition
Left Posterior Outlet Inhibition
Bilateral Anterior Inlet
Bilateral Posterior Outlet Inhibition

Postural Respiration
What's Included:

You must complete the corresponding Postural Respiration course prior to purchasing this product.

Postural Respiration Repositioning
Right Lower Trapezius and Right Tricep
Left Lower Trapezius and Left Serratus Anterior
Right Serratus Anterior
Right Subscapularis
Paravertebral Inhibition
Anterior Neck Inhibition
Right Latissimus Inhibition
Right Intercostal Inhibition
Left Posterior Mediastinum Inhibition
Left Pectoral Inhibition