PRI Video for You

PRI Video for You is a video subscription platform featuring Ron and other PRI faculty, speakers, staff, or credentialed providers discussing topics related to PRI course material, case study management, manual and non-manual techniques, and interdisciplinary integration. 

What is Included?

PRI Video for You is a subscription-based video platform showcasing discussions with Ron and other PRI faculty, speakers, staff, or accredited providers covering various subjects tied to PRI course content, case study management, manual and non-manual techniques, and interdisciplinary integration.

Subscribers to this magazine-style subscription, gain ongoing access to four monthly videos on diverse topics. This includes videos released from the enrollment date onwards, as well as those from the preceding 30 days, provided their subscription remains active.

  • A new episode is added every Monday!

  • Magazine style subscription: You receive access to the episodes posted up to 30 days before you started your subscription.

  • Episodes generally range from 30-60 minutes.

Sample Episodes


Frequently Asked Questions

If I stop my registration and start again at a later date will I have access to the older videos?

Once you stop your registration you will lose access to the videos when your subscription ends. If you decide to start again you will receive videos from 30 days before your new sign up date.

Should I sign up for PRIVY if I haven’t taken a course?
PRIVY was created for the professional who has taken at least one PRI course, and is interested in continuing to learn more about PRI concepts. The more PRI courses one has attended, the more they will get out of the video content posted to PRIVY. There will be a mix of Primary and Secondary course content, along with many other topics.
Can I submit topics for consideration for future videos?

Absolutely! We encourage the submission of questions, due to the amount of questions we receive we can’t guarantee that we will be able to answer them all but we will try our best. Contact Us with your ideas!

Can I have access to all the videos if I sign up at a later time?

You have access to all of the videos that were published 30 days before you signed up. We release new content weekly. If you decide to sign up at a later time and you would like access to all the videos you can give us a phone call to pay for all the previous months and they can be added to your account.

Can I purchase individual episodes?
Yes! You are now able to purchase an individual episode without having a PRIVY subscription. Even if you have a current subscription, if there is an episode that you are interested in purchasing from past year’s content, you can purchase that individual episode. Individual episodes that are purchased will be accessible in the “My Account” section of the website, and they do not expire (you do not have to have an active PRIVY subscription to watch it).


$ 37 Monthly
  • Access prior 30 days worth of episodes


$ 360 Year
  • Access prior 30 days worth of episodes
Save $84


$ 37 Episode
  • Access prior 30 days worth of episodes

New PRIVY Website!

We have launched a new PRIVY website consolidating our primary PRI and the PRIVY website into one platform.  This will make it easier for you to manage your PRI account.

If you encounter any issue please reach out to us.

If you already purchased a PRIVY membership and this your first time visiting this new platform, you will have to reset your password.