This is an email we received from a Physical Therapist last week…


38 year old female with history of allergies (fall season is worst), 2 back surgeries, right knee arthroscopy
Being seen for low back pain – PRI effectively eliminating pain
Meanwhile, neck problem – went to a NUCCA practitioner
Noticed sinus cavities would change post NUCCA treatments (sometimes better, sometimes worse)
Manually worked on the sphenoid and had great results – learned the right sinus cavity is an “indicator” for this patient
Noted that bed positioning was knocking the atlas out of position: when turning, she would lean & pivot on her head – stopped doing that
Began identifying other things that would gradually pull atlas out of position: including a “subconscious” jaw left protrusion (sustained contraction) she identified whenever she laid down – especially on left side (left jaw received feedback from the pillow and pressed into it)
Performing regular left lateral pterygoid strengthening


Whenever right sinus cavity is closed/restricted, all she has to do is activate left lateral pterygoid and the right sinus cavity will re-open.  If left lateral pterygoid doesn’t work within a few minutes, then she goes to the NUCCA person…afterwhich, the left lateral pterygoid exercises work like a charm
Have been testing this theory now for 2 months: initially, it wouldn’t hold very long (just like a weak muscle), but now right sinus cavity can be restored within minutes (first thing in AM), and left lateral pterygoid can be strengthened as needed throughout the day – but really, it’s now >6wks that this person is able to breathe through both nostrils
OH, and I forgot to mention: she has NO allergies anymore?  And, this year is particularly bad.  Two years ago she was so desperate re: how bad the fall allergies are to her that she spent $3500 on experimental allergy drops, dreads the fall…  now… no allergies!


The ability to hold the position of the atlas (and therefore decrease the need to go to NUCCA appointments) is directly related to the rest of PRI: if left lateral pterygoid is strong and not pulling it out, then what about the other asymmetrical influences further down the chains?  As soon as we laid off the other areas of weakness (emphasis = low traps, thoracic rounding & left IO, left adductor/hamstring, right glute), the # NUCCA appointments also began increasing.  After the next NUCCA, those exercises were re-emphasized… and voila!  It was about a month before she went to NUCCA again (vs every 2 weeks).

It has now been 10 months since NUCCA has started and some conclusions that I’m drawing:

Position of atlas is vital to overall health
Atlas & sphenoid relationship is vital to overall health – and something very specific as related to allergies/allergic reactions
Sphenoid position directly relates to sensation of “clear nostrils”
NUCCA alone only puts the atlas back into place… what’s going to hold it there?
When the atlas is placed in the ideal position, left lateral pterygoid (for this individual) can effectively reposition/and hold the sphenoid in its ideal place, which in turn holds the atlas in place
When the sphenoid doesn’t reposition easily, the atlas is not in its ideal position
If NUCCA appointments occur frequently because the person isn’t “holding their position,” then the answer is PRI – there is likely a subconscious muscle tension / a part of the asymmetrical influences identified by PRI that is ultimately pulling atlas out of place

Really, I’m just wanting to share this with Ron – it’s quite amazing!