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Blog Posts in September 2012

Jason Masek, MSPT, ATC, CSCS, PRC recently blogged on the effects of Postural Restoration in Athletic Performance. His interest led him to several other blogs from strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainer’s from around the country. To read more about it and find out which sites he recommends visiting, CLICK HERE!

Posted September 21, 2012 at 10:12AM

Marriage is more than a union of two people. It is a time where two people come together, and usually four people have to let go. My brother, two weeks ago handed his first daughter’s hand over to his new son in law, and admitted, it was the hardest thing he ever has done. Maybe not as hard as letting go of the bicycle she was riding as a little girl, as he ran beside her, and as she took those first few yards solely, without her father’s hand on the bike. But, he let go. He struck my emotional cords when he asked everyone at this wedding to remember it will be tough for him to truly “let go”, in this situation, even though she is safe and loved; because he is her father. 

Letting go of something that depends on you, something you love and you reference most of your life, does not happen overnight. It takes courage, trust and repetitive replacement to minimize future unwanted co-dependency.

There are a number of muscles that our human patterned body needs to let go. I have selected those specific muscles and regions that we need to learn to inhibit, minimize, and basically let go. I also selected the PRI non-manual inhibition technique that allows one to really focus and find other reference centers so that they can let go. These new reference centers may not be the handle bars of a bicycle or the arms of a spouse, but they are there waiting for us if we learn to “let go”.

CLICK HERE to see Ron’s selected PRI techniques to help you “let go”. Please note that some of these are new techniques which will be included on the upcoming new CD collection!

Posted September 14, 2012 at 10:24AM

All of the techniques for the new Myokinematic Restoration Non-Manual Techniques CD have been delivered to the CD Programmer! This photo might help give you an idea of the volume of information that is included in this CD.

This 4-inch binder includes the following programs: Left Hamstring, Left Ischiocondylar Adductor, Right Gluteus Maximus, Left Gluteus Medius, Integration, Left Hip Flexor Inhibition, Left TFL Inhibition, Right Adductor Inhibition, Right QL and Left Psoas Inhibition, Left Posterior Capsule Inhibition, Right Inferior Gluteus Maximus Inhibition and Plantar Flexor Inhibition. In addition to several new activities, all of the activities have been updated, some new pictures have been taken and several titles have changed! 

In the next two weeks, we will have the Pelvis Restoration and Postural Respiration techniques delivered, and the CD’s should be completed in a few weeks! Please continue to watch the website for updates and purchasing information!

Posted September 12, 2012 at 10:32AM

We are excited to announce the arrival of Janie’s baby girl!  Gwen Mary Ebmeier was born on September 5th, weighing 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 20 inches long.  Janie, Ryan and big brothers Sam and Jack couldn’t be more in love! 

Posted September 11, 2012 at 10:34AM


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