Course in Review – Advanced Integration 2012

Earlier this month, over 50 people traveled to Lincoln for the Advanced Integration course! Ron Hruska, James Anderson and Lori Thomsen spent four days focusing on Integration of the pelvis and thorax. Patho and non-patho compensatory issues related to the Left AIC and Right BC pattern were discussed in detail including scoliosis, thoracic and pelvis mechanics! Ron Hruska summarized this course as “One of the strongest four day courses ever given on the integrative thoracic influences on patterns.” Also introduced for the first time in this course was a new functional test, the Hruska Alternating Reciprocal Rotation Test. This advanced test to assess thoracic-pelvis abdominal dynamic stabilization will only be discussed in the Advanced Integration course each December.

Here’s what others had to say about this course:
“The course was amazing!  I admit that it was overwhelming at times, too rich, but yet everything made sense. It is a first that I can say “everything made sense” after a course. That is one aspect of PRI that continues to wow me, I have not hit a sticking point where something does not connect up with other concepts, there is no dead ends, and it is equally simple and complex.  I am more hooked than before!  Application of posterior mediastinum expansion, frontal plane AF and left thorax abduction over the last several days at work has been magical!  I suppose this should no longer be a surprise, but the results are much easier breathing, people keep saying “it makes sense” and ” I can feel it”, and “I haven’t felt like this ever!”

“It was very helpful to have Ron, Lori and James here to explain something in a different way.”

“Really appreciated the long discussion with James on thoracic-scapular mechanics.”

“Great information on juvenile kyphosis and also James had a great discussion on gait. Great course!”

“Great job of integrating information from the previous courses.”