Since Fall is just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our annual Postural Restoration Trained (PRT) credentialing process! Applications for the PRT Class of 2013 are due on October 15th, 2012. Examination and testing will take place in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 14-15th, 2013, following the Impingement & Instability course.

If you hold a certification through the BOC, CSCS credentials through the NSCA, or SCCC certification through the CSCCa, and have completed the following PRI sponsored courses: Myokinematic Restoration, Postural Respiration, and Impingment & Instability, you are eligible to apply! Please note that Impingement & Instability is offered immediately prior to PRT testing and you can apply for PRT indicating your intention to complete this course immediately prior to testing. Pelvis Restoration is NOT a requirement for individuals submitting applications this year, however this introductory course will be a requirement next year. For more information about the PRT credentialing process, CLICK HERE!

If you are considering applying for PRT this year or you have any questions about this recently established a credentialing process, please email Jen !