Postural Respiration

An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Patterned Thoraco-Abdominal Pathomechanics

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West Jordan, UT

"I was tired of practicing and applying correctives that didn't always fix problems. PRI, has an amazing integration of neurological recruitment and immediate physiological change that other techniques can't touch. Disease has always played a huge factor in breathing pathologies and this course shows you how to teach people to breathe and be functional. I'm so thankful for Ron Hruska, and his team. My clinical life has changed and will never be the same."

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Course Information

We have taken video from the live 15-hour lecture and lab course including Power Point slides, demonstration, lab, and audience question and answer sessions. This home study course is available online/digital which allows for viewing in the comfort of your home or office. You will have 21 days to complete the home study from the time you receive online access.

This advanced lecture and lab course is structured so that clinicians will gain an appreciation for the patterned respiration influences on: rib torsion, asymmetrical oblique strength, costal and crural function, habitual use of accessory respiratory musculature, and a positionally restricted diaphragm. The focus of this course will be to assess and restore polyarticular muscular chain function of both hemi-lateral thoraxes and their respective pleura. Treatment interventions including manual and non-manual techniques to restore reciprocal and alternating respiratory and rotational function of the thorax will be covered. Participants will be able to immediately apply PRI clinical assessment and intervention strategies when treating diagnoses that are related to undesirable airflow patterns, such as shortness of breath, thoracic outlet syndrome, and shoulder dysfunction.

Education Level: Advanced

$475 (Online/Digital – you will have online access to all materials and will print your own manual)**

* Home Study Advantage: $237.50 (If you have taken the live course in the past 12 months you are eligible for 50% off the regular price) Learn More

  • Recognize relationships between static asymmetrical respiration, ideal physiologic respiration, and patterned respiration.
  • Identify how to restore restrictive polyarticular chains and torsional patterns of the trunk through specific manual and non-manual orientation of ventilatory muscle, and thoracic osseous structure.
  • Recognize how to maximize thoracic scapular force couples, rib alignment, and abdominal-diaphragm muscle integration for appropriate motor and sensory perceptual skill development of the upper extremities.
  • Outline how to design a postural isolation and inhibition program that promotes integration of appropriate hemi-thoracic airflow to reduce occupational, leisure, and sleep breathing dysfunction patterns.


Course Registration

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  • Format: Online/Digital

  • You will receive an email within 24 hours after purchasing the home study with instructions to login and begin your home study online. (*Please note that you must order before 3pm CST on Friday to receive your online access information before the weekend. If you order the home study after 3pm on Friday, you will receive your online access information on Monday). You will receive all materials online including the videos and course manual (which you will be able to download and print). You will also complete the post-test and course evaluation form online. You will need high speed internet in order to watch the videos (the videos are NOT downloadable). Once you have been emailed your online access information, you will have 21 days to complete the course online before your access to the course materials will expire.

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion by email if post-examination test is passed (miss 8 or fewer) and course evaluation summary is completed.

Course Materials

Online/Digital Format – Each registrant will receive online access to the approximately 15 hours of course video content, as well as access to download and print the entire course manual (printing the manual is recommended). The post-test and course evaluation form will also be completed online. You will have 21 days to complete the course material, before your online access expires.

Special Needs Requests

If you have a disability and require accommodation in order to fully participate in this course, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the course date or prior to purchasing any online home study course so that arrangements can be made.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

To cancel your registration, please call as soon as possible for a full refund. Cancellations and refunds will not be accepted once  the course registrant has set up their online username/password. 

Course Tuition

Online Home Study $475

*50% off if you qualify for the Home Study Advantage


We encourage groups of 2 or more to register for home study courses together. This will provide an opportunity to participate in lab sessions while watching the video from your home or office. Groups of 2 or more receive a 10% discount. Groups of 5 or more receive a 15% discount

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