Postural Restoration Center
5241 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68504

Hruska Clinic

A Postural Restoration Center™ is a place of business where at least one individual is Postural Restoration® credentialed (PRC or PRT) and all other individuals on staff who are eligible for credentialing (which includes PTs, OTs, PTAs, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Athletic Therapists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches with CSCS or SCCC credential, CSPS, and Exercise Physiologists), have completed two or more PRI-sponsored courses.

Accessibility:In-Person, Telehealth

The Hruska Clinic™ is a unique Physical Therapy clinic that offers physical therapy services that are based on the philosophic and integrative concepts of the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI). The clinic was founded and directed by Ron Hruska in 1999 and has grown into the multidisciplinary center that it currently is.  The science and techniques taught through the Postural Restoration Institute® were first developed for clinical care here at the Hruska Clinic™.

Our staff is made up of 5 full time therapists, 4 of which are certified through the Postural Restoration Institute®.   All of our therapists are passionate about and committed to addressing functional limitations through the assessment of neuromuscular patterns and treatment using Postural Restoration® application, and interdisciplinary integration when necessary.

Along with being experts in the application of Postural Restoration® techniques and progression the staff is dedicated to maximizing patient outcomes in difficult cases through multidisciplinary care as case managers in the PRIME (Postural Restoration Integrated Multidisciplinary Engagement™) Program.

The staff is also passionate about teaching other health professionals on the clinical application of Postural Restoration® science.  They have mentored other therapists and clinicians from around the world in regards to the clinical use and application of Postural Restoration Science.  2 of our therapists are on faculty with the Postural Restoration Institute® and one more has represented PRI at national level conferences

David Drummer

Postural Restoration Certified

Jason Masek

Postural Restoration Certified

Lori Thomsen

Postural Restoration Certified

Torin Berge

Postural Restoration Certified

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