Ep. 5 – Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC

 Welcome to the fifth episode of the Postural Restoration Podcast! In this episode I am joined by Lori Thomsen, MPT, PRC. Lori attended Nebraska Wesleyan University prior to working towards her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center which she received in 1995. Although Lori first met Ron Hruska at a dinner party through a mutual friend, it wasn’t until she heard him lecture on Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) at UNMC that she recognized his unique way of thinking. Lori would go on to complete her last clinical rotation at St. Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center in the Physical Therapy department which was under the direction of Ron at the time.

 Lori started her career working with the Geriatric population which led her to in-patient care at Bryan Medical Center. She then shifted her career into Home Health Rehab where she spent more time centered around each patient and their individual needs. Lori spent five years in this setting before receiving news that her husband Cory, would be moved to North Dakota to new management job there. This move would lead Lori into her first Outpatient setting, taking a job at Riverview Health in Crookston, MN. 

After making this move she quickly attended Myokinematic Restoration in Minneapolis, MN. Sharing a table with PRC’s Karen Jiran & Carrie Langer,  her PRI journey quickly began. Lori returned to the clinic and starting implementing what she had learned immediately. After successful outcomes started to occur and patient success was increased, she was encouraged to attend Advanced Integration for the first time in Lincoln. Shortly after attending Advanced Integration and seeing the first PRC class go through credentialing, Lori worked towards the same goal. In 2005 Lori earned her Postural Restoration Certified Credential as part of the second class.

In 2006, Lori was hired as the fifth staff Physical Therapist and Director of Operations at the Hruska Clinic. Lori’s strong interest in running led her to working with this population in the clinic while using her own personal experience as a runner to guide her patients. Lori has a long history of presenting these concepts to running clinics, high-schools, and to anyone interested in learning more about this science. In 2010 Lori was asked to work with PRC, Heather Engelburt, to help develop what would later become the Pelvis Restoration course. As a result Lori would become faculty and continue to teach this newly created course.

Lori is also recognized for her contribution in creating the annual Hruska Clinic shoe list. Her passion and experience as a runner and her clinical experience working from the ground up led Lori to focus on proper foot mechanics and footwear for each patient’s individual needs. PRI Orthotics are used in helping patients to find and feel their Heel, Arch & Toes but proper shoes are continually fit to aid in this process.  Lori dedicates several hours to this resource each year as she reviews each new shoe as she updates each version of that list. When not in the clinic or teaching these concepts, Lori enjoys time with her husband whether that be traveling or attending Husker Football games, and time with her dog Oakley. She continues to take part in community outreach events and volunteers on a regular basis. 

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