One 2 One Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist
Alexandria, VA

Do you want to be a part of a professional family that co-creates a one-of-a-kind Physical Therapy experience that values holistic integration and evolving practice paradigms?

One 2 One Physical Therapy ( is a unique, privately owned, Postural Restoration Certified Center located in Alexandria, VA just 15 minutes from downtown Washington DC.

We offer a variety of integrative Physical Therapy services utilizing the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) approach as our primary framework. We apply this approach to the straightforward sports orthopedic injury to the very complex and challenging syndromes such as chronic pain, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, postconcussion syndrome, POTs, headaches, pelvic floor dysfunction, neurological disorders and more.

We also work closely with other like-minded health-care practitioners (such as Dentists, Behavioral Optometrists, and Functional Medicine Practitioners) to facilitate a multi-disciplinary therapeutic healing process for our patients.

We specialize in cranio-cervical-facial/TMJ conditions and work very closely with Dentists including regular co-treatment sessions at the Dentist’s office to support various types of oral appliance therapies and dental integration needs for our patients.

Often symptoms of pain and tension in the body are connected to underlying inflammation which requires an appropriate nutritional mindset to fully address all the root causes of a problem. Thus, at One 2 One we routinely integrate nutritional strategies into our patients’ plan of care.

We believe that you cannot separate the physical body from its mental and emotional aspects and thus restoring the mind-body bridge is another integral aspect of our practice. This even includes intervention directed at the energetic level of an individual, the biofield. Please refer to this article for more information about biofield therapies.

An ideal candidate respects the inter-connected relationships between the physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of the body and is open to learning and utilizing a variety of treatment techniques through the lenses of PRI, manual therapies, nutrition, mind-body integration as well as biofield based therapies. For more information about our services see here.

Significant mentorship and training are offered to each of our team members as our unique set of skills and perspective is unlike traditional Physical Therapy.

All sessions are 1:1 taking place in each clinician’s own private treatment room, no technicians are utilized, with our evaluations being 80 minutes in duration and most follow-ups 60 minutes.

We are out of network with all insurances except Medicare and Tricare.

“Working” at One 2 One is about personal growth and evolution as well as facilitating this process in our

“Employment” at One 2 One is a vehicle to discover and serve our true purpose creatively and passionately by helping others along the way. As we teach our patients, they also teach us.

“Healing” at One 2 One is a process of self-discovery to ultimately become a more grounded, coherent and wiser version of one’s “self” on multiple levels.

Virginia State License is required with preferred experience with Postural Restoration®. A variety of employee benefits are available for team members that qualify, which include health care, paid time off, continuing education, and a bonus structure based off performance.

Due to the unique nature of our practice and the potential for ownership, there are marketing and networking responsibilities to facilitate practice growth in addition to clinical care.

To enquire about this special opportunity please contact its founder, Heather Carr, DPT, PRC, OCS, MTC at

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