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Blog Posts in August 2014

Myokinematic Restoration was my first live course that I’ve taken since starting with PRI about a month ago. The course was held at IFAST, the facilities were top notch but the thing that blew me away was how welcoming and genuine the people at the course were. I walked in not knowing a soul and I walked away feeling like I was leaving a family behind. I had never been to a place where people were so excited about learning, we all soaked it up.

 My “aha moment” was when we were going over the Hruska Adduction Lift Test and I realized that every single movement in it reciprocates a part in the gait cycle. Jennifer did such a great job teaching and targeting her talk to the group of people she was speaking to. Her passion was contagious and the energy of the room matched her.  This was by far my best professional experience. What was your first “aha moment” of your first course?

Posted August 12, 2014 at 4:18PM
Categories: Courses

Had another fantastic weekend in Beantown with Art Horne and the fantastic group at Northeastern University teaching Myokinematic Restoration. What a thrill to stand at the front of a theatre type lecture hall with over 50 brilliant professionals who were so dialed into the science of PRI. Loved meeting the strength staff from Harvard University and getting a feel for the passion and commitment to excellence had by @IronCrimson. You guys were a welcome addition to the passionate crowd we already enjoy there in Boston.

Also grateful for all three of my lab assistants, Donna Behr, Chris Poulin and Michal Niedzielski All the great feedback from the class confirms that you guys are every bit as good as expected. Michal, your physics calculation on the extra Newtons of rotational force available to the young girl with full hip rotation vs the restricted girls was phenomenal. And the tweet of the weekend has to go to you Art Horne (@BSMPG_1) when you sent out this gem: "Don't Internally Rotate until U Approximate, least U Compensate".  #BOOM!

Posted August 6, 2014 at 10:00AM
Categories: Courses

I continue to dive deeper into the physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics of both horse and rider, in a passionate effort to understand how 2 asymmetrical beings come together to produce fluid, balanced, floating movement in the world of equestrian disciplines. This is a rather lofty goal I have set for myself, because this type of movement is rarely achieved, EVEN at the elite levels of Dressage. CLICK HERE to read more!

I just received my first PRC application in the mail! Reminder that the Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) deadline is September 15th, and since it will likely be another large group, we have limited the credentialing program to the first 30 applicants.

If you are preparign your application, and have any questions, please call or email me!

Posted August 4, 2014 at 10:46AM
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