Weekend in Review

Myokinematic Restoration (Dallas, TX) – For those of you who follow me on twitter (@jenpoulinpt) You would have appreciated my Friday travel tweet “I’m about to mess with Texas! #priparadigmshift #dotheyhaveholecontrolinTexas? #myokin2014” and my Sunday travel tweet “I left the mark of the Big D on Dallas!!

Well they say everything is Bigger in Texas and that couldn’t have been closer to the truth! It was great to see this group of new clinicians and trainers develop their Texas Ginormous appreciation for respiration and asymmetry that match the Everythings Bigger in Texas theme!  From airports to shopping malls to cowboy boots, (yeah I bought those), I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Texas with an energetic group of professional from PTs, PTAs, ATCs, and Personal Trainers. Tim and Greg are going to PRI-up their Cross-Fit Gym in San Antonio and revolutionize the Cross-Fit industry with proper breathing and position so their athletes win those competitions and better yet, don’t get hurt! – Jen Poulin

Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration (Pitman, NJ) – Last weekend was evolutionary for me, because I truly now see how this course will continue to evolve in the area of managing dysautonomia, orthostatic hypotension, vocal cord dysfunction, foramen magnum control, rectus capitis stabilization, hyoid positional influence on the omohyoid, and more. This group of course attendees made this possible. It was a multidisciplinary event that I will not forget. Kevin Neeld, thank you for hosting another PRI course and making your growing kith so comfortable. – Ron Hruska