Weekend in Review

While there was only one course held this past weekend, it looks like it was a great one (check out these pictures)! I keep getting great feedback from course attendees about the newest PRI Affiliate course, PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician. Here is what James Anderson had to say about the weekend!

Woodbury, MN (PRI Integration for the Home Health Clinician) – “I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota and I didn’t get snowed-in, so that in itself makes it a good trip. But when you throw in the fantastic group of PRI enthusiasts that attended this course and a topic like “Respiration and Alternating Reciprocal Motion”, it was definitely a great weekend.  A big thank you to Robin at Woodwinds Hospital for hosting and to Carrie Langer for being such a great assistant. PRI has definitely grown and evolved since Carrie and I sat together in the first class of PRC applicants back in 2004.

The group did a great job appreciating that this Home Integration course is more of a hybrid of Impingement and Instability and Advanced Integration material than it is an oversimplified PRI course for geriatrics in the home. The amount of clinical application ideas was a pleasant surprise to everyone in attendance and they could see ways to use the new ideas in multiple settings. It’s neat when you can present to an experienced group of PRC caliber clinicians and see light bulbs come on because of the integrated way the material has been put together. This is why I love writing and teaching PRI!” – James Anderson