Weekend in Review

Impingment and Instability – “After teaching the Impingement and Instability course in Everett, Washington, I reflected on the significance of this course and its objectives as they relate to inherent stability. We all have some degree of instability and some degree of stability….but choosing the amount of each will not be possible if one can't transition from the sagittal plane to the frontal and from the frontal to the transver plane. Both this course and the Postural Visual Integration course offer guidelines on 'transitional' stability.” – Ron Hruska

Myokinematic Restoration – “I traveled to Montgomery, Alabama and taught Myokinematic Restoration to a small group of 15 eager PT’s, PTA’s and Pilates instructors.  All the PT’s and PTA’s (except one PT) were brand new to PRI and its principles and the entire class seemed very interested and excited to learn more about this fascinating science!” – Mike Cantrell