It was a busy weekend with three PRI courses being held in the Midwest. Here’s what our faculty had to say after their weekend!

Bismarck, ND (Pelvis Restoration) – "We had a great weekend in North Dakota. I feel the class had an improved understanding with how the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms integrate for reciprocal alternating function. The “snowball” analogy had many of the course participants having a “light bulb” moment or appreciating if the pelvis can’t rotate left the trunk can’t rotate right or if the trunk can’t rotate right the pelvis can’t rotate left. This can’t happened without integration and integration can’t happen without triplanar motion. Thank you St. Alexus for hosting a wonderful weekend!" – Lori Thomsen

Ann Arbor, MI (Myokinematic Restoration) – "What a great weekend in Ann Arbor Michigan! Patrick Hoban, owner of Probility and his staff were excellent hosts. The majority of the attendees were taking their first course. I enjoyed sharing PRI’s “Paradigm shift” and it brought back several emotions I felt when I first listened to Ron over 12 years ago. What I remembered is that the science of PRI is exciting, yet un-nerving when you first learn about common patterns of the human body. I assured the class with time and practice, they too will see the Left AIC in their patients! I had to change my analogy from the Yellow VW to the Ford 150 truck for my new friends living so close to the Motor City!" – Jen Poulin