Weekend Course in Review

Missoula, MT (Pelvis Restoration) – "What a great weekend in MT teaching Pelvis Restoration!  Missoula, MT reminded me a lot of Burlington, VT.  I even had Aric in the course who understood the real VT state bird is not the Hermit Thrush, but the "Geezum Crow!". Thanks Aric for helping me feel at home on the other side of the country!  This group featured new attendees and seasoned PRI therapists.  It was fun to challenge those hearing about the science for the first time, and the ‘Big Sky moments’ of those familiar with PRI.  I myself felt the need for some Inlet inhibition after climbing the ‘M’ trail on Thursday afternoon.  The views were spectacular along with the hospitality of this group!  I look forward to any opportunity to visit my new friends in MT in the future!" – Jen Poulin