Week 4 Summer Reading Series

Well, things have been busy with traveling to Las Vegas for the NATA convention and the 4th of July holiday last week, but I am back with more reading resources in the summer reading series! This week, I have chosen to highlight a book, “Nature Knows Best”. While I am sure those of you who have been around PRI for several years have already read this book a time (or two even), those who are newer to PRI may not have experienced this book. The PRI Resource Center has two copies of this book…..because that’s how good it is!

“Nature Knows Best” by Jonathoan Isbit is all about squatting, and I am not talking about what you see in a weight room, but the “natural squatting position” or as it is referred to in the Pelvis Restoration and Impingement & Instability courses, a “Functional Squat.” I first came across this book while I was still a student in PT school, and it was such a quick and refreshing read (took maybe an hour or two to read the entire book).

So, if you are interested in learning about the (many) benefits that squatting has on our health, I would order this book for a quick summer read!