Fort Collins, CO: The wide expanses of meadows and trails, fresh mountain air, and the Rocky Mountains – merely a stone’s throw away – provide an irresistible playground for movement. Did you know that movement starts at the thorax? The thorax is the first and foremost body region to assess and treat in our patients-clients, regardless of symptoms. The most recent rendition of Postural Respiration, hosted by Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy, explored why this is true. The group included a large cohort of physical therapists joined by two PT students, an athletic trainer, PTA, occupational therapist, chiropractor, and pulmonologist.

Postural Respiration includes in-depth discussions on the form and function of the left and right hemi-diaphragm, reflected in:
-    inefficient breathing strategies, such as belly and neck breathing and breath holding.
-    inefficient walking patterns, such as lack of arm swing, leaning to one side, early heel rise, and waddling.
-    forward head posture, straight spines, and rib flares.

Like the other two primary courses, Postural Respiration offers an algorithm to guide the clinician and provide the when, how, and why of treatment progression.  We spent significant lab time performing and interpreting tests and practicing non-manual and manual techniques to achieve a level of competence come Monday morning, with its real-world patients. Comments from the class after the techniques: “I feel more grounded.” “My movement is more fluid.” “My neck tension is gone.”

Thank you to those who elevated the learning experience for all by willing to be models for assessments and treatments: Sarah Awe, PTA; Tyler Fosdick, DPT; Daryl Hobbs, DC; Ambrey Holliday, MSPT; Annyce Mayer, MD; Michele Munsil, DPT; Alexandra Nachtman, DPT; Tara Rorvig, ATC; and Marisa Vargas, DPT.

Thank you to the staff at Rebound Sports and Physical Therapy, for all of the work you put in to host this course: Sarah Awe; Emily Clark, MSPT; Tyler Fosdick; Jason Grissom, DPT; Ambrey Holliday; Crissy Ott, MSPT; Brad Ott, MSPT; Elyse Prescott, DPT; Kevin Rhodes, OTR, CHT; Amber Schwarting, DPT; and Karen Stillahn, DPT, PRC. Karen, your insights and expertise during lab was invaluable and so appreciated!   

Finally, thank you to Craig, Abby, and Daisy Depperschmidt for your warm hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the three of you and sharing stories over breakfast and dinner.  You made me feel so welcome!