What a great weekend we had last weekend in Tualatin. 26 clinicians from around the region and country came together to experience a class on relationships and shifting.

The Portland and Tualatin area has a special place in my heart as it landed near the end destination when I biked across the country in 2006. The summer of 2006 was a summer of relationships and shifting life experiences, so I was really looking forward to returning to the area for fall of 2023. Ever since being assigned this course in Tualatin I have been excited for the weekend.

Well, the group that attended in Tualatin did not disappoint and really lived up to and exceeded my expectations!

I was able to rekindle my relationship with fellow 2012 PRC grad Emily Iverson who is well known in the PRI community. It was such a treat to have Emily’s knowledge, experience, kindness, and overall passion for PRI felt throughout the weekend. Her assistance and presence was greatly appreciated!

Micah was a superb host at Active Edge Physical Therapy. It was a bonus for us that his relationship with his anterior hip capsule and iliolumbar ligament was still intact, providing an excellent example of a non-pathological compensatory left AIC patient.

Sarah was a gift for us as a perfect Avatar for a pathological compensatory left AIC patient. She appreciated the importance of shifting into her left hip with appropriate ligamentous muscle. Malcolm, Sarah’s partner in life and business, was gracious in being the narrator for the course. Their relationship was felt as they shifted their mindset to PRI lenses in order to enhance relationships with their patients in their community.

Melissa and Mike celebrated their one year anniversary of marriage on day 2 of the class, learning the importance of shifting for a level 5 while "shifting" off plantar flexors. Their relationship will grow with their PRI journey!

Myokinematics is the study of muscle as it relates to movement. It is a class on relationships and shifting. Relationships of muscles, relationships of your left and right halves of your body, relationships between swing and stance phase of gait, and perhaps most importantly, relationships between people. It is a class on shifting perspectives and shifting well to the left and to the right.

I truly felt I connected with and started a relationship with everyone in the class. The weekend was such a fun experience that lived up to my 12 month anticipation of being there. Thanks to all of you that attended for making it such a great experience! I look forward to crossing paths once again in the future and relating our shifting life experiences.