Pelvis Restoration – Lincoln, NE

It was a great two days teaching Pelvis Restoration.  Our furthest in person participant came all the way from Hong Kong—thank you Tim!  Several participants were taking their first and second courses through PRI.  I was so humbled to teach via live stream and in-person to so many amazing practitioners.  Thank you!

Pelvis Restoration dives deep into the nuances of position of the anterior and posterior inlet and outlet with the left and right sides, to better understand muscle inhibition and facilitation. It can be overwhelming, but as one course participant said you “just need to walk thru it.” Understanding this information will assist you to “walk through it” more easily to manage patients in the clinic.  It’s about regulation of compression and decompression via pelvic and rib position for ascension and descension of the pelvic and respiratory diaphragms.  It will affect the spine, SI joint, hip flexors, hip impingement, knee, foot/ankle, neck, thorax, and pelvic floor.  The empowerment from knowledge and understanding of the science of PRI and its application of the pelvis—“just walk through it.”

– Lori Thomsen