Myokinematic Restoration – Quincy, IL

It was my great pleasure to be asked back to Quincy, IL, to teach Myokinematic Restoration. They are a great group of people, and are really engaged in PRI. Most of the Myokinematic courses are filled with movement specialists who are new to the science of PRI. For this course, we only had 7 attendees who had never take a PRI course before, and several who had taken several courses. It provided a different experience for all the attendees to have so many experienced PRI practitioners attending a Primary course.

My thanks to Kristin Thompson, PT, for another great course. It was great to see so many attendees coming this weekend who had attended Postural Respiration last year. It was great to have our PRI Mini-Resident, Annamaaria Kangas helping me with the labs for this course. We were fortunate to have an entire afternoon of lab, which provided everyone with the opportunity to feel many PRI non-manual techniques in themselves. Thanks to Eann Diller, PR, Patrick Kistner, PTA, ATC, Sam Wilson, Yvonne Robison PT, and Macy Huber, PT for wonderful questions. I look forward to seeing how this developing PRI hub that is Quincy, IL, evolves over the next several years!

– Dan Houglum