We are gearing up for our 4 day Interdisciplinary Integration course April 14-17, 2010.  Day one will be spent on the foot!  Curt Johnson, PT will be presenting part of the day and he wanted to share a few words with everyone!  We hope this will get you as excited as we are!

Greetings PR fans,

I’d like to briefly introduce myself and share some recent experiences. If you’re like many of us, we are looking forward to the Interdisciplinary Integration course in April 2010. I have the privilege of teaching with Ron Hruska and Dr. Paul Coffin about foot integration. The portion I will present will be called “myokinematics of the foot”. I’m quite excited about the subject and believe you’ll find it very interesting and helpful, even if you attended last year’s course (or don’t like feet).

Recently I attended the 12th annual International Conference of Foot Biomechanics and Orthotics Therapy in Atlanta Georgia, presented by the Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Association (PFOLA). Three days of feet. It was great! Preeminent podiatrists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and orthotists from around the world convened and presented over current research. I am excited over the large body of research addressing postural control interventions, including both proximal and distal influences in the lower extremities. This was my second experience at one of the most collegial, multidisciplinary, multinational and fascinating conferences I’ve attended. It was a great compliment and preparation for meeting with Ron and attending Impingement and Instability again, in North Carolina this last October.

I look forward to seeing many of you in April 2010.

Curt Johnson, PT

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