Janie Ebmeier

Director of Business Development

Janie received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant from Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska. Her background in both business and physical therapy has provided a foundation for clinical and administrative roles at the Postural Restoration Institute®. Janie began her career at PRI in the fall of 2000 as Course Coordinator. She specialized in course development and creation of education materials and resources. In 2004, Janie worked to establish the Postural Restoration Certified™ (PRC) credentialing program. As Director of the PRC, Janie strived to grow a national network of therapists identified as leaders and advocates for Postural Restoration®. As the Institute continued to grow, her role later evolved to Director of Business Development allowing her involvement in a variety of projects from the annual course schedule to special events and financial planning.

In 2012, Janie made the decision to dedicate more of her time to her growing family, however her involvement with the Institute has continued over the years. She attends bi-monthly Directors Meetings in addition to assisting with projects as they arise. In her current role as Director of Business Development, Janie continues to manage the annual budget and any new business development occurring within the Institute. Janie also works closely with our patent and copyright attorneys. Together with the PRI Directors, she works to ensure the future advancement of Postural Restoration is aligned with its mission. As a result of Janie’s enduring involvement with the Institute since its inception in 2000, she is a valuable resource for all of the PRI faculty and staff.  

Janie lives in Nebraska City with her husband and four children.

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