Postural Restoration Certified
400 S Clark St.
Butte, MT 59701

Taylor Boryca


Freely Moving

Accessibility:In-Person, Telehealth
PRC Credentialing Earned: 2022

PRI Courses Completed:

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Respiration
Pelvis Restoration
Impingement & Instability
Advanced Integration
Cervical Revolution
Forward Locomotor Movement
Interdisciplinary Studies Summit - 2024

Professional Bio:

My goal as a health coach is to arm you with the tools and knowledge to no longer need my services. I am rooted in Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) concepts viewing the body in a zoomed-out full person approach with an added interest in gut and mental health. I aim to piece together all past traumas and symptoms to help your body realign and restore proper functional movement. I believe our posture is just a reflection of our habits created by the positions and thoughts we find ourselves in most. I aim to teach new postural habits through respect of inherent asymmetries, mental/physical/microbiome traumas, and extensive objective testing to regain freely flowing movement. I strive to teach clients how to integrate PRI concepts in everyday life so new postural habits are formed and rehab exercises are no longer needed.

Life should be lived by feeling and sensing, decreasing our conscious mind and allowing our subconscious egoless self to roam.

My Personal Story:

My personal health journey has been multifold. What brought me to Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) was at first for selfish reasons. I was 25 and experiencing debilitating chronic, multi-site pain and nothing I learned in school was relieving my pain, nor my patients at the time. I took one PRI course and was hooked! For me, PRI taught the why. Why limitations and compensations present in the body through a zoomed-out lens by taking into account not just the musculoskeletal system but also the nervous system that drives it and our born human asymmetry. After a year I was able to rid myself from shoulder, TMJ, SI, knee and pelvic floor pain. However, I was unable to be as functional as I wanted to be with activity. Sure, I was able to climb some 14ers and not feel intense pain the next day, but I wasn’t able to do any high intensity cardio like long distance running without falling into poor breathing compensations. I couldn’t figure out what was setting me back? I had seen some of the best PRI practitioners, had spent countless hours at the headquarters in Lincoln, NE but still… something remained.

I have always been a gym rat and I’ve been hyper focused on my body and how it can perform since I was a teenager. When I was in my early 20s I decided to compete in a Bodybuilding competition, I was young and dumb and paid some Joe Schmoe to give me lifting and nutrition plans. Little did I know, this would be the start of an eating disorder that took a decade to break. From binging to bulimic episodes, juice fasts for 10+ days, intermittent fasting, keto, etc… if it’s been a popular “lose weight” fad I’ve tried it. Along with the erratic eating, I have experienced extensive travel in third world countries, lactose intolerance that I ignored, and a long history of heavy antibiotic use. All of this was a recipe for disaster that hit in my late 20s.

The brain fog, chronic fatigue and depression along with a slew of other symptoms I experienced daily was astronomical. I could go days without having a bowel movement, but it was cool cause I would just drink an iced latte and that would stimulate one… so I was fine right? Wrong. I started connecting the dots that maybe I had some gastrointestinal problems so explored what western medicine had to offer. I quickly learned that my symptoms and complaints were not taken seriously by multiple GI doctors. I was always shewed out the door being prescribed fiber and laxatives, treating symptoms but no follow-on testing given to find the root cause of problems.

Through countless hours spent researching, taking home tests, hiring and firing “nutritionist” I was finally able to arm myself with enough knowledge and find a team to work alongside to help diagnose and treat a parasitic, bacterial, and yeast overgrowth through holistic supplementation, lifestyle change and dieting. This was my missing puzzle piece. Once I was finally able to balance my gut my body was no longer stuck in a fight or flight driven system. I was finally able to rest and actually digest my food rather than have it inflame me. My goal is to help you find your missing puzzle piece.

Services Provided:
I’m the kind of person who gets hyper focused on subjects that interest me and then explore them with full force. Therefore, I offer multiple services that can be explored independently or married together for complete mind, body, soul harmonization.

  1. Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) concepts for healing postural misalignments to relieve chronic pain / performance optimization.
  2. Therapeutic guidance on Psychedelics on a micro, macro, heroic level for healing of mental health traumas with follow up on integration support.
  3. Analyzation of the gut microbiome through specific testing and then follow-on tailored supplementation and diet guidance.
    – For those with but not limited to: SIBO, IBS, allergies, chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, acne, etc.

At the time of PRI Credentialing, providers are required to submit verification of current licensure or certification status to determine eligibility for PRI Credentialing. It is the responsibility of credentialed providers to update the Postural Restoration Institute if their license or certification has expired, been suspended, or revoked, so that they can be removed from the PRI Find a Provider map. As Postural Restoration Institute places this responsibility on providers, it cautions consumers that they should not rely on Postural Restoration Institute’s website as evidence of a provider’s current licensure or certification status. Instead, the Postural Restoration Institute recommends that patients and clients wishing to verify a provider’s current licensure or certification status contact the relevant regulatory boards or reach out directly to the provider to ask for current verification of his or her licensure or certification. The Postural Restoration Institute is not liable for and disclaims any responsibility for services performed by PRI Credentialed providers.

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