Postural Restoration Certified
2208 NW Market Street, Suite 307
Seattle, WA 98107

Paige McNerthney


AlignMend Physical Therapy

Accessibility:In-Person, Telehealth
PRC Credentialing Earned: 2020

PRI Courses Completed:

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Respiration
Pelvis Restoration
Impingement & Instability
Advanced Integration
Cervical Revolution
Cranial Resolution
Occlusal Cervical Restoration
Forward Locomotor Movement
Primary Non-Manual Techniques Workshop
PRI Integration for Geriatrics
Voice Box Resonation
Human Evolution
Interdisciplinary Studies Summit - 2024
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2022

Paige has been the first physical therapist that I've had to actually connect the structural pain I was feeling to my chronic illness (POTS). Being seen as a whole person rather than just distinct aches and illnesses has been so instrumental in helping me work towards long-term wellness versus just quick fixes. I have gained so much insight into how my body is working through her extremely knowledgeable care. Her joyful personality and love for her work shines through in every appointment! I have loved working with her and am excited to continue.
Betsy N.
Working with Paige has changed my life. I lost much of my voice post-covid, which was devastating and forced me to take medical leave from work (which requires constant vocal use). Doctor after doctor recommended rest, but nothing really shifted, and I was terrified to sing or speak in case it got even worse. After a few sessions with Paige, my voice started to return. Instead of feeling helpless and hopeless, I now have tools (PT exercises from Paige) that I can do that actually make a difference in my voice. I look forward to sessions with Paige, as she is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and a joy to be around. Thank you, Paige, for making such a difference in my physical and emotional health!
Harumi K.

I own the betterment of my clients from start to finish so they can get back to feeling a sense of themselves. I’m a physical therapist with 23+ years of treatment experience that began at a small, outpatient orthopedic clinic in Bothell, WA, broadened during my time at a large corporate healthcare provider in Seattle, WA, and evolved into my own private practice where I specialize in getting clients where they feel safe and where they need to be physically, mentally and emotionally. I do my very best to listen and learn while incorporating Postural Restoration (PRI) techniques, manual therapy, taping, movement and exercises. This is accomplished through a strong desire to learn and understanding the neurology and the psychology of your body. My goals are to help assist you in RESTORING sense, REALIGNING your postural position, and REPATTERNING your movements.


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