Postural Restoration Certified
1210 W 18th St Suite 103
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Jill Beuckens


Sanford Spine Clinic

PRC Credentialing Earned: 2011

PRI Courses Completed:

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Respiration
Pelvis Restoration
Impingement & Instability
Advanced Integration
Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration
Cervical Revolution
Cranial Resolution
Occlusal Cervical Restoration
PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement
Postural-Visual Integration
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2014
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2017
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2022

Jill received her bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of South Dakota in 1999. She received her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of South Dakota in 2001. Jill has been practicing Postural Restoration since 2005. She was certified in Postural Restoration in December of 2008. She is currently a physical therapist at Sanford Spine Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

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