Postural Restoration Provider
Ichikawa-City, Chiba JP

Hironobu Ajiro


Funabashi Orthopedics Ichikawa Clinic

PRP Credentialing Earned: 2024

PRI Courses Completed:

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Respiration
Pelvis Restoration
Impingement & Instability
Primary Non-Manual Techniques Workshop

A native of Chiba, Japan, Hironobu Ajiro has obtained the physical therapist license after graduating from Ryotokuji University and started his career at the orthopedic hospital providing post-operative rehabilitation. He is currently a physical therapist working at the orthopedic clinic providing outpatient rehabilitation and also an athletic trainer for the local high school’s baseball team in Chiba. He works with a lot of baseball players with a wide range of levels to help their return-to-play and improve their performance. He currently lives in Chiba.

At the time of PRI Credentialing, providers are required to submit verification of current licensure or certification status to determine eligibility for PRI Credentialing. It is the responsibility of credentialed providers to update the Postural Restoration Institute if their license or certification has expired, been suspended, or revoked, so that they can be removed from the PRI Find a Provider map. As Postural Restoration Institute places this responsibility on providers, it cautions consumers that they should not rely on Postural Restoration Institute’s website as evidence of a provider’s current licensure or certification status. Instead, the Postural Restoration Institute recommends that patients and clients wishing to verify a provider’s current licensure or certification status contact the relevant regulatory boards or reach out directly to the provider to ask for current verification of his or her licensure or certification. The Postural Restoration Institute is not liable for and disclaims any responsibility for services performed by PRI Credentialed providers.

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