Postural Restoration Certified
1710 100th Pl. SE, Suite 101-C
Everett, WA 98208

Erin Rajca


Element Physical Therapy, LLC

PRC Credentialing Earned: 2014

PRI Courses Completed:

Myokinematic Restoration
Postural Respiration
Pelvis Restoration
Impingement & Instability
Advanced Integration
Cervical-Cranio-Mandibular Restoration
Cervical Revolution
Cranial Resolution
Occlusal Cervical Restoration
Forward Locomotor Movement
Postural-Visual Integration
Voice Box Resonation
Human Evolution
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2016
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2019
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2021
Interdisciplinary Integration Symposium - 2022

I trust Dr. Erin implicitly and I recommend her to everyone I know for physical therapy! She is so thoughtful and thorough and is amazing at identifying the postural restoration techniques to make life changing adjustments. She listens to you and explains how shifts in your body mechanics ease pains and sets you up for success going forward. I am a busy professional, and I was getting frustrated by the constant aches and pains caused by my physically demanding job, Dr. Erin has helped me through many events, relieving my discomfort and empowering me to a healthier, more sustainable version of myself.

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