Visual Vestibular Refinement

An Interdisciplinary Approach in the Intervention of Patterned Visual Orientation and Vertical Perception


Course Format

Prior attendance of Cervical Revolution is required. *Optometrists may attend without prior attendance of Cervical Revolution. 

Course Description

This course will outline the role the human eyes play in centering the head and body, in standing, based on the guidance, or misguidance, of somatic information provided to the brain. The attendee will be provided information on the most common visual postural related implications related to visual heterophorias, strabismus, seated versus standing astigmatism axis inconsistencies and higher degrees of amblyopia. Understanding both physical and somatic symptomology related to this visual vestibular automaticity, will help the practitioner refine and modify both optometric treatment and upright postural guidance. Guidelines on how to work with an optometrist and recommendations to improve standing postural orientation and to de-stress binocular rivalry, of both the Lasik and non-Lasik patient, will be offered for these binocular conditions listed above. Considerations for the patient who demonstrates persistent unilateral biased functional dominance in stages of forward locomotor movement and visual vertical testing, will be also be discussed.