Occlusal Cervical Restoration

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Patterned Occlusal Pathomechanics


Course Format

Prior attendance of Cervical Revolution is required. *Dentists may attend without prior attendance of Cervical Revolution.

Course Description

This advanced course is designed to assist the dentist, or the healthcare professional, who is interested in occlusal pathomechanic behavior that is related to common, upright human unaligned cervical patterns. Specific cervical assessment tests, equilibration recommendations, and PRI evidence-based, proven upright frontal plane activity, incorporating podal integration, will be offered for the general dentist and clinical movement specialist. Optimizing desirable, bilateral re-occlusal sense for centric upright airway position, in the dental office, through the use of specifically designed appliances, will enable the dentist to recalibrate occlusal interference associated with a centric neck, or for alignment of the neck and the accompanying airway. Upright alternating shifting of body mass and mandibular lateral translation, through specific posterior lateral occlusal sensory awareness, will remind the course attendee that oscillatory alternating lateral excursion of the mandible, is the most important oral and orthopedic postural activity generated by the sphenoid.