Cranial Resolution

An Integrated Approach to the Treatment of Autonomic and Central Nervous System Dysfunctional Oscillation


Course Format

Prior attendance of Cervical Revolution is required. *Dentists may attend without prior attendance of Cervical Revolution.

Course Description

This advanced course focuses on how our cranial structures, the cerebral, mid brain and cerebellar regions, that are responsible for underlying ANS tension and CNS tone, can be self-regulated through oscillatory integration of rhythmic function and alternating cycles of sense. Discussion and demonstration on how postural adaptation to compensatory patterning can be resolved through lateralization of neural rhythms. Anatomical relationships between autonomic and central nervous system interplay will be clinically outlined and supportive research on how to resolve cranial generated physiological conflict and cortical sensory-motor function will strengthen the understanding principles behind thoracic cranial technique recommendations. This course outlines how pressure regulation by the palatopharyngeus muscle, the pterygopalatine fossa and the palatine aponeurosis requires temporal and occlusal oscillation; in order to prevent over lateralized use of these areas and thus dysafferentation and over-convergence of occlusion, hearing, sight, and sound production.