Human Evolution

An Integrated Approach to Optimizing Functional Development and Upright Growth


Course Format

Prior attendance of Postural Respiration is required.

Course Description

This advanced lecture and demonstration course is designed to assist physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists and members of the pediatric interdisciplinary team, in obtaining optimal outcomes for humans that are developing and growing dysfunctional patterns of movement-based, cognitive, communicative, proprioceptive and kinesthetic behavior. A comprehensive overview of assessment and treatment of conventional growth and developmental sensory motor sequences and associated sensory integration principles will help the attendee understand the importance of considering how to integrate ten postural restoration developmental sensory motor sequences, when and wherever possible, with the seven identified postural restoration developmental processes. Overview of how to apply the developmental processes to age-appropriate sensory motor sequencing will be strengthened through table formats and case presentations. Pediatric specific PRI non-manual techniques for sensory integration processing of the right AIC and left BC will help optimize compliance and interest in humans of all ages that are experiencing developmental and upright growth, present and past, neuro-integrative challenges.

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