Postural Respiration Repositioning Technique Video Collection

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  1. 90-90 Hip Lift with Right Arm Reach and Balloon
  2. 90-90 Supported Hip Shift with Hemibridge and Balloon
  3. Left Sidelying Knee Toward Knee with Balloon
  4. Right Sidelying Right Apical Expansion with Left Arm Reach and Left Adductor
  5. Left Sidelying Supported Trunk Lift
  6. Wall Short Seated Left Arm Reach with Balloon
  7. PRI Wall Supported Squat with Balloon
  8. PRI Wall Supported Squat with Respiratory Right Apical Expansion
  9. Standing Suppported Passive Left AF IR with Right Trunk Rotation
  10. Standing Resisted Trunk Around with Left AF IR, Right Trunk Rotation and Balloon