This illustration is displayed with the pubis inferiorly positioned, the sacrum superiorly positioned, and the coccyx forwardly positioned so that the presentation is of the pelvic floor outlet. One can see the sacral base oriented to the right reflecting ischial sacral internal rotation on the right and ischial sacral external rotation on the left. One can also see the torsion going through the pubic symphysis with left ischial pubic external rotation and corresponding right ischial pubic internal rotation. I believe that this particular illustration reflects where the Institute has come from and where it has gone over the last decade. It also reflects the last course that has been put together by the Institute on the pelvic floor by looking at the myokinematics of the inlet and outlet, neuro-oriented respiration through the inlet and outlet and soft tissue malalignment. The word “peroration” reflects rhetoric. It’s often referred to as ‘the conclusion of a speech or discourse in which the points made previously are summed up or recapitulated with greater emphasis than was made in the body of the speech’. This section of our body speaks to us loudly and lets us know when things are not being regulated correctly. Everything from pubic pain, SI joint pain, and pelvic floor pain reflect this oration and final remarks that the body can make with respect to imbalance. Many of our ascending problems do not necessarily start at the feet but actually in this pelvic floor region and therefore, I think the word “peroration” best recapitulates the principle points of PRI and urges those who use PRI to use greater effort and earnestness in reducing these poorly managed and irregular forces that are generated because of poor pelvic floor symmetry.