Pelvis Restoration Repositioning Technique Video Collection

You must complete the corresponding Pelvis Restoration course prior to purchasing this product.

  1. All Four Right Arm Reach
  2. Supine Hemi Extension with Alternating Respiratory Rectus Femoris and Sartorius
  3. Left Sidelying Knee to Knee
  4. Right Sidelying Supported Hemi 90-90 with Left FA IR
  5. Left Sidelying Hemi 90-90 with Left IO/TA, Right Glute Max and Left Adductor
  6. Standing Supported Respiratory Left AF IR with IO/TA and Right AF ER
  7. Standing Wall Supported Left Knee Flexion with Resisted Right Glute Max
  8. Standing Supported Right Glute Max with Left Hip Approximation and Left FA IR
  9. Seated Supported Left AF IR with Right Illiacus and Right FA ER
  10. Seated Left AF IR/FA IR with Right Quad