This is a word that is projected in the noun form with a Latin background that describes having total knowledge or knowledge about everything. I don’t think there is a more appropriate word than “omniscience” in the description of what’s going on between the cranial and the sacral movement patterns that need to take place for normal human function. The sacrum is one of three bones that have this powerful knowledge of orientation, position, and neurological control whether it’s autonomic or somatic. The other two bones, sternum and sphenoid, are in the same position and have the same type of demands placed on them. Flexion and extension of these three bones directs and controls, not only movement patterns, but also activities like respiration, state of anxiety, cognitive ability, and so much more. It’s a very important illustration because it reflects true uniplanar movement patterns that are non-threatening when working correctly and very menacing or “omniscience” when not working correctly because of poor rest position and accompanying limited function.