This word is derived from the Latin word “loqui” which means “to speak”. The tensor fascia latae is a muscle that is speaking loudly to us when patients with anterior knee pain, hip bursitis, SI joint strain, etc, come into the clinic and point to this overdeveloped muscle on the left side. It contributes to the forward inclination or anterior position of the left innominate. It has a very big impact on shifting the center of gravity to the right side and it often is considered a substitute muscle for gluteus medius abduction or gluteus medius type of activity when the gluteus medius and minimus on the left side are not in their correct position to properly support the body when the right leg is going through phases of swing through or push off. This muscle is a very important internal rotator of the femur on the acetabulum because its position often reduces good ability for acetabular internal rotation on the femur, especially at midstance. You see this overdeveloped and overused muscle on runners and individuals who stand and sit for long periods of time. Therefore, I chose the word because it’s very active, talkative, loud, and palpable and it vibrates a message to me every time I see someone come in with low back pain or difficulty with frontal plane movement.