This word is an adjective that reflects terseness or someone who uses few words and yet has a strong statement as a result of the word selected. Sometimes this word is used to reflect active activity that is being carried out in a very quiet manner and in this case I selected this word to reflect the activity that the left gluteus maximus muscle is generating on the human body on a continuum. The left gluteus maximus is a muscle that, we as humans, have a tendency to use to reposition ourselves to the right. Our neurological patterns that are created as a result of growth and development and our vestibular system and it’s adaptation to the demands placed on visual processing are all correlated and integrated with assistance from the gluteus maximus on the left side to generate necessary function for upright reciprocal asymmetrical form. It is a strong contributor to the development of the Left AIC polyarticular chain and although it is not part of this chain it is definitely a muscle that we use to acquire it, therefore, it is a very “laconic” type of activity that’s going on in almost every human being. Very rarely do you see the gluteus maximus muscle not respond during AF or FA ER testing.