Orbital Rivalry

As the occiput rests more on the right atlas foramen, the incongruence of aligned sets of paired cranial bones usually creates resistance on the surfaces of one of these paired bones, that reduces the friction at the same suture sites of the other side of the face. This illustration reflects the presentation of mutually incongruent eye orbits, where the sphenobasilar flexion on the left side widens, protrudes, and everts the right orbit, as the left orbit remains narrow and retruded.

Unlike binocular rivalry where the presentation of mutually incongruent images to the left and to the right eye alters perceptual alternation of the two eyes stimuli, thus reducing perceptual fusion, orbital rivalry exists where there is presentation of mutually incongruent paired orbital bones (zygomatic, lacrimal, maxilla and palatine) thus altering positional alternation of these bones on the non-paired orbital bones (frontal, sphenoid, and ethmoid) and reducing aligned proprioception fusion of the two bilateral maxillae for centric mandibular occlusion.