This is a picture of an individual who is laying in a supine state with a normal cervical lordotic spine and a normal airway with good mandibular position and cranial cervical alignment. This illustration reflects someone who has improved their alignment when lying down by working posturally using activities that recognize the strong overuse of the right anterior and lateral neck musculature and have become better at breathing at night because of uniform and symmetrical temporal fossa orientation and mandibular position. The tongue is in a state where security, comfort and control do not have to be offered through it. Its relaxed state allows the glottis, hyoid bone and the neck itself to direct airflow in a normal respiratory manner using the diaphragm as a primary source of respiration. I call this an “ameliorated” state or a person who has done a good job with amelioration. Therefore, the word “ameliorate” is a verb and it means to make or become better and to improve one’s self. I think this illustration clearly defines what’s necessary for good rest and improved sleep habits as well as what is considered good cranial and stomatognathic function.