UNL Volleyball – Matchclub Newsletter

Ron Hruska, Jr., MPA, PT, of Lincoln, NE is currently the Director of the Hruska Clinic as well as the Postural Restoration Institute. He graduated from the physical therapy program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1980. He received his Masters in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 1985. His clinic is recognized for its success in the treatment of individuals with complex, pathomechanic patterns by utilizing a unique and original approach developed over Ron’s twenty-two years of clinical experience. In addition to treating patients, he lectures regularly to physicians and physical therapists on mechanical patterns of muscle imbalance and his approach of restoring symmetry of these muscular chains. Three continuing education courses have evolved from Ron’s experience and are taught nationally through the Postural Restoration Institute – Educational Division of the Hruska Clinic. Over the years, his reputation has led to consultations with collegiate and professional athletes from a variety of arenas, including football, volleyball, baseball, golf and swimming. Ron serves as Biomechanical Consultant to the University of Nebraska Lincoln through the Division of Athletic Medicine. He has worked closely with coach John Cook, his staff, and trainers of the women’s volleyball team in identifying challenges and asymmetrical patterns of each volleyball player. His recommendations assist in the prevention of soft tissue and muscle injury and overuse, therefore, enhancing safe performance of each athlete in their respective area of functional demand.