The Effects of the Supine Active Sacro-Spheno Flexion Technique on Inner Ear Function

I recently saw a patient with a diagnosis of severe CS arthritis with main complaints of numbness/tingling of her UE and ringing in her ears.  It appears that the intensity of the ringing in her ears is positively affected by the supine active sacro spheno flexion activity.  After this technique, the ringing is less intense.  She is now beginning to be able to control it with good diaphragmatic breathing in appropriate posture.  Can you help me better understand the physiology/anatomy of why this may be happening? 

The Supine Active Sacro-Spheno Flexion technique restores OA extension on the right, repositions the sphenoid in sagittal neutrality and in general, places the sphenoid in a state of flexion. The right temporal bone is then pulled into ER (external rotation) via the right styloid muscles. So, in essence the tensor tympanics in the temporal bones and the tensor veli palatins are re-set or repositioned to allow for normal malleus and inner ear function. Thanks for the question! 
Ron Hruska, MPA, PT