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Could you elaborate more on the importance of the respiratory pause at end exhalation?

The pause after the exhalation is a way to help you “let go” and “reset” the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  Autonomics is pausing, and pausing is autonomics.  The pause on exhalation helps sensorially by putting heightened feeling or ‘sense’ on the posterior mediastinum, the floor/ground, and extremities.  The amount of time spent on the pause will be different depending on the patient’s fitness level and their autonomic function.  If they are having trouble with pausing after a full exhalation, try maximizing the amount of time that is spent on the exhalation. To control the inhalation of breath, the amount of time spent on exhalation has to be maximized.  To get the most out of our Postural Respiration non-manual techniques (if you do anything with the trunk), there will be a right low trap and right triceps with left IOs and TAs, to help rotate our trunk and maximize more pause with our left side, so we can maximize inhalation through our right lateral chest wall and left posterior mediastinum. To direct the thorax to the right, you have to pause and control the inhalation.  For more information on this topic, Ron Hruska discusses it in much greater detail in a 30 minute video on our PRIVY subscription platform.  


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