When would it be appropriate to consider using the PowerLung with a patient?

I use the ‘power lung’ when I feel the diaphragm needs strengthening. In other words, the patient has a neutral brachial wall or chain and is capable of expanding but the power needed from the diaphragm is still poor.  I also use it when conscious cycling between inhalation and exhalation becomes more inhalation driven because of poor inhalation power and more accessory inhalation activity, that therefore limits comfortable exhalation and reduces ZOA.  Sometimes good powerful inhalation will diminish accessory inhalation demands and improve ph balance and drop off the hyperinflation tendencies.  However there is nothing like flexed thoracic exhalation.  I usually encourage power lung activity after or during the latter stage of the PRI exercise session.  With our visual patients I go at it fairly quickly and intensely to generate thoracic and diaphragm references so that the vision process doesn’t have a physical postural demand placed on it as much.

– Ron Hruska