On Using PRI on a Patient with a LI Fracture…

I have a patient who has an L1 compression fracture.  Primarily presents as a PEC with complaints of right low back pain.  The doctor does not want flexion but I feel I could still use PRI, because I am trying to decompress the spine.
My question is how should I progress with some of the exercises that involve thoracic/lumbar flexion?

I don’t think I would ‘pull’ on the anterior low spine by kicking in a psoas. Reciprocal Retro work might be a better way to incorporate some flexion with spinal rotation in a decompressed manner. Retro Walking or Retro Stair Descents – then progress to ascents. Standing Resisted Alternating Push Throughs with abs on and balloon activity on his side during Knee Toward Knee isometric to engage abs with contralateral adductor would be a good idea.