On Type I and Type III Shoulder Blade Position with Respect to Scoliosis…

If you have a “roto-scoliosis” overlying a Left AIC, and you respect the Left AIC, wouldn’t you expect a right Type I and left Type III (I’d almost expect an exaggerated Type 1 and III if I imagine how the spine should look then place those scapulae on top of the ribs)?

Yes you would!  Your typical non-patho compensatory scoliosis is the patient that has a right thoracic curve, usually resulting in a right Type I and left Type III scapula position, however, there are so many possibilities with respect to the “patho” or “non-patho” scoliotic patient. 

There is some degree of rotation in all of these patients through the spine.  The degree of thoracic concavity and convexity and the location of the curve (apex at T4, T8, etc) all can have an impact on the scapula as well as the compensatory use of levator scapula, upper traps, SCM, pecs and rhomboids.