On the Technique of the Week…

On the current technique of the week it is labeled as a left glute max exercise.  When I do this exercise, I seem to be recruiting the right glute max instead.  Am I missing why the exercise is named “Left Glute Max”?

Yes, you are right, you will probably feel your right glute max more, however, that is not what the exercise is designed for. 

The exercise is intended for you to find your left glute max in a lengthened position (AF IR).  In a Left AIC pattern, the left glute max will be stronger than the right.  But, the left glute max is strong in a shortened position due to the left innominate being forward.  When you have an individual shift into left AF IR, it places the glute max fibers in a long position.  This exercise is intended for you to stay in left AF IR while working your glute max in an FA ER position.  Even though you are not actively turning the left knee out, the resistance of the band causes you to work the FA ER fibers (glute max). 

“Contralateral activity from the gluteus maximus as a femoral acetabular external rotator (FA ER), while maintaining left acetabular femoral internal rotation (L AF IR), makes this an excellent technique to facilitate femoral or acetabular external rotation on the right during recognizable, concomitant proprioception input from the same muscle group in a different position on the left.” –Ron Hruska – Technique of the Week