On The Best Way to Shut Down Hamstrings…

I have a 10-year old soccer player and swimmer who suffers from bilateral hamstring bursitis at her ischial tuberosity.  She uses her hamstrings for EVERYTHING.  She holds a lot of tension in her hamstrings constantly and also her low back, however, she can squat easily to the floor.  What is the simplest way to shut down her hamstrings?

If your 10-year old soccer player has ischial tendonitis and hamstrings always feel tight and she can easily squat she probably needs glutes.  We don’t see very many swimmers with good, balanced glutes.  She also may need to learn how to walk with good supporting shoes – good heel cups, sufficient arch, etc and tied shoes when she walks.

Simplest way for a 10-year old to turn on glutes without back or extreme hamstring, while engaging abs and glutes…hula hoop…both feet at first and them one leg.  Bicycling in low gears and PRI Retro Stairs ascents and descents would also be good!